Beverly Hills Day Spa | Waxing Treatments

February 1, 2018 @ 9:11 PM

All Natural Waxing and a Sun-Kissed Glow at the Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge and Vida Emanuel Day Spa

Summer is here and with the temperature rising and beautiful days ahead, men and women are hoping to look their best when they show off their swimsuits at the beach or pool. The experts at the Vida Emanuel Day Spa and the Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge are happy to offer the best treatments and services to help men and women look their best.

Many men and women find themselves hoping to get the bronze summer glow without the health risks of a tanning bed or sitting in the sun for too long, luckily Vida Emanuel and Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge offer full body spray tans. Previous methods of getting a body tan have now been shown to cause harmful...

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Beverly Hills Day Spa | CoolSculpting Fat Loss Treatment

December 13, 2017 @ 4:06 PM

Non-surgical Fat Reduction a Smart, Successful Choice

While many people are into the discipline of keeping slim and trim and exercising, when Summer comes around., you find more people wanting to look slimmer, sexier and more streamlined. Carrying extra weight equates to a low libido, more stress and less energy. With weightloss you feel simultaneously relaxed, energized and calm, and VidaEmanuel European Day Spa, well situated in Beverley Hills and offering peace and tranquility, is just what you need for Summer, and possibly any other season too.

Get a Handle on Weight Matters

At the day spa, not only do you experience sheer relaxation, you get some va-voom while at the same time, making peace with your body without deprivation.&......

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Beverly Hills Pedicure Treatments by Vida Emanuel Day Spa

November 9, 2017 @ 8:25 AM

Beauty Care Right Down to your Toes

Anyone who is concerned about good grooming and beauty will want to attend to their feet. Feet can't just take care of themselves and are prone to rough, dry, hard and split skin. Hygienic foot grooming is essential to beauty care, especially when you consider all that the feet have to contend with each and every day as we walk and jog around.

Vida Emanuel European Day Spa invites you to come in and try their excellent grooming treatments for your tired, hot feet. Their excellent range of foot care products and services contribute to preventing corns and calluses, hard skin and aching feet. As you lie back and relax, trained therapists rub your soles with a hard skin stone and then smooth ...

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Boost the radiance of your face!

October 11, 2017 @ 1:24 PM

Acthyderm when You Need to Boost the Radiance to Your Face

A non surgical face-lift is a revolutionary technique which can improve the appearance of your skin without surgery and also banish the stress of the day out of your face. These non-surgical face-lifts are great for when you feel you need a boost of radiance to your face as well as some additional pampering so that you can feel more alive.

Uplifting and Energizing Facial Treatments

Advancements in the beauty industry have allowed doctors to all but mimic surgical face-lifts, providing patients with similar results without the risks of surgery.  You can expect great results by having a glow restored to your face. Acthyderm treatments are safe and even pleasant and address......

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Hair Extensions for Women who want an Instant Natural Looking Style What happens when the best cut

September 6, 2017 @ 11:08 PM

Hair Extensions for Women who want an Instant  Natural Looking Style


What happens when the best cut and even the best color just isn't right for you and you also notice that your hair is thinning and becoming brittle? When you look enviously at women with magnificent hair, something might well suggest that there is a secret, and you would be right, there is! Hair extensions can give you hair that is luxuriantly healthy, full and shiny. Ask anyone who wants to improve their image - the state of your hair rates high. Even if heredity hasn't given you the kind of hair you covet, hair extensions can.

You'll find with research, that hair extensions can be braided in, clipped in, glued in or woven in. Thanks to Vida ...

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Get the look you have always wanted!

January 1, 2017 @ 1:22 PM

Get the Looks You've Always Wanted

There are very few people who don't want to improve the look and the condition of their hair, skin, lips , complexion and feet. Opportunities for looking good, whatever your way of life, have never been easier to find. Of course the secret lies in preventing beauty problems through constant beauty care. The Vida Emanuel European Day Spa, in its tranquil setting in Beverly Hills, offers 100% organic anti-aging products which have undergone strict production and which come from leading anti-aging professionals around the world.

Soft creamy serums with powerful anti-aging effects and intense hydration deliver firmer contours. Night creams, day creams, eye creams, you name it – with...

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Permanent Make Up | Part I

June 30, 2016 @ 11:04 PM

Permanent Make Up Brings Lots of Rewards


People are always joking about what make-up item they would pack into their bag if they wanted to present their best image in a place where they had no access to beauty products. It is true that there are many women whose naturally good looks allow them to go without make-up, but there are others who look bland and insipid without at least just a touch of mascara and lipstick. Lipstick and mascara are two items that most women will agree upon are must-have items wherever you go. In fact, there are also thousands of men all over the world who are also relying on make-up to enhance their looks so as to enhance their career- and relationship opportunities.

There is the Potential to Change ......

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The Best Ways to De-Stress

June 1, 2016 @ 7:58 AM

In today’s non-stop world, Vida Emanuel, owner of two Beverly Hills Day Spas, has several tips to help you relax and de-stress.  Stress is the body’s natural response to demands.  These demands can be more primal, such as making sure you eat consistently, or more psychological, such as trying to meet important work deadlines.  While stress tends to get a bad rap, not all stress is bad.  Low levels of stress provide the little adrenal push that gets you excited and energized to perform tasks.  Without any stress, it is easy to become complacent and lazy which results in boredom and dissatisfaction.  Most people, however, are more often stuck on the other end of the spectrum – too stressed. ...

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April 1, 2016 @ 7:45 AM

When looking for a spa treatment, how do you know if you want a day spa like Vida Emanuel’s Beverly Hills Day Spa or if you need something else, like a medispa or beauty salon?  There are a number of different spa-esque businesses, each offering different types of treatments but with certain areas of overlap.  The main types of spas are day spas, destination spas, beauty salons, medispas or medicals spas, and resort spas.

Beauty salons focus mainly on aesthetic treatments such as haircuts, styling, and extensions; manicures and pedicures; and makeup applications.  Salons require the least amount of professional training and certification but are generally cheaper than full spas.  The can be good options for people.........

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February 1, 2016 @ 6:48 AM

Vida Emanuel Beverly Hills Day Spa

For tired, blemished skin, beauty expert Vida Emanuel, owner of a Beverly Hills day spa, recommends getting a relaxing and rejuvenating facial.  Getting a facial can help to rejuvenate and refresh tired skin.  Facials clear away acne and dead skin for a brighter, healthier appearance.  Clearing away built up dead skin and toxins with a professional facial keeps the skin of the face healthier and less prone to breakouts from everyday abuse. Before heading to a spa for a facial, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The first thing to do before getting a facial is to find a salon that offers what you need in a clean and comfortable environment.  Aestheticians should be certified and have years of positive ...

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