Getting regular facials along with the obvious esthetics

        Increase in toxic chemicals and dirty air have led more women back to the classic beauty treatment of facials. Vida Emanuel Day Spa and Beauty Lounge is a leader in providing the best facials while providing the information to keep customers coming back for more. There are many health benefits to getting regular facials along with the obvious esthetics. Every woman deserves to give her face the look of an effortless glow, and that’s one of the countless reasons women still opt for classic facials. The first step in a facial is cleansing, a way to clean out clogged pores to prevent future blemishes and breakouts. Vida Emanuel has expert facialists and products on hand to next analyze your skin and create individualized treatment plans. Exfoliation is important to remove dead skin to increase cell renewal and the added benefit of maintaining your skins collagen and elasticity for visibly younger looking skin.

            For the health of your skin, your facial expert will then choose luxurious products that will feed your skin; new beauty products are designed to penetrate deeper to keep your skin hydrated and fresh-looking. Finally you may have treatments using LED light to bring down any existing inflammation or redness to calm your skin. The lasting beauty appeal of facials has always been a draw, but now women know how beneficial facials are to the overall health of their skin. Vida Emanuel Day Spa and Beauty Lounge in Beverly Hills offer experts and relaxing procedures that keep reinventing the beauty of regular facials.