Boost the radiance of your face!

Acthyderm when You Need to Boost the Radiance to Your Face

A non surgical face-lift is a revolutionary technique which can improve the appearance of your skin without surgery and also banish the stress of the day out of your face. These non-surgical face-lifts are great for when you feel you need a boost of radiance to your face as well as some additional pampering so that you can feel more alive.

Uplifting and Energizing Facial Treatments

Advancements in the beauty industry have allowed doctors to all but mimic surgical face-lifts, providing patients with similar results without the risks of surgery.  You can expect great results by having a glow restored to your face. Acthyderm treatments are safe and even pleasant and address wrinkles, puffiness, crow's feet and under-eye hollows.

To enhance wonderful treatments like this, it pays to have them performed in a reputable venue and in tranquil settings. Vida Emanuel European Day Spa is a multi-service spa synonymous with tranquility and healing. They have been situated in Beverly Hills for more than 25 years - a secret escape for many and a place where your skin and body are pampered and your senses revitalized.

Between veteran beauty icon Vida Emanuel, founder and owner of Vida Emanuel European Day Spa, Dr. Joel Aronowitz and staff, their focus is to simply put more joy in their patient's lives, helping them to achieve a lovelier, calmer outlook. Dramatic facial- and body enhancements are achieved along with their fabulous anti-aging treatments 

The Skin becomes More Absorbent

  • Acthyderm begins with electroporation, which is applied with a special pen, stimulating the skin to become more absorbent.
  • Acthyderm is able to deliver medicinal particles deep into subcutaneous tissue.
  • By using the electrorepulsion system, Acthyderm achieves an absorption rate of over 90%, which is unmatched by any other diffusion system.
  • Results are immediately visible and are best sustained by a series of treatments. This ensures the skin receives the active products needed for repair.
  • By using Acthyderm on the face, fine lines and wrinkles can be plumped up with a moisturizing hyaluronic cocktail. The tightening of the skin is produced by stimulating the muscles and creates a smooth, peaceful look. 

The Hottest Trends Soothe, Calm and Relieve

Offering a warm and and friendly environment, Vida Emanuel European Day Spa embraces science and nature, aimed at correcting aspects on your face which cause so much worry. By targeting skincare concerns where you need it most, the skilled medical team are able to restore positive wellbeing.