Hair Extensions for Women who want an Instant Natural Looking Style What happens when the best cut

Hair Extensions for Women who want an Instant  Natural Looking Style


What happens when the best cut and even the best color just isn't right for you and you also notice that your hair is thinning and becoming brittle? When you look enviously at women with magnificent hair, something might well suggest that there is a secret, and you would be right, there is! Hair extensions can give you hair that is luxuriantly healthy, full and shiny. Ask anyone who wants to improve their image - the state of your hair rates high. Even if heredity hasn't given you the kind of hair you covet, hair extensions can.

You'll find with research, that hair extensions can be braided in, clipped in, glued in or woven in. Thanks to Vida Emanuel Beauty Spa, who put their skills, knowledge and talents together, you can have lively and free wavy tresses, satin smooth straight sleekness or shaggy, wild curls - anything goes at Vida Emanuel - they've got the looks you want.

Hair Products that Give Greater Freedom

If your hair needs extra body, they've got the hair that is shiny and soft to touch. Vida Emanuel Day Spa has expert knowledge on the beauty industry, seeing that they have already been involved in it for more than 25 years. Customers come to them because of their beautiful hair extensions that will be able to give them any look they want. For hair extensions, it is better to rely on professionals like the trained and knowledgeable team at Vida Emanuel because they know how to give you hair extensions that you won't be able to distinguish from your natural hair.

Change Color and Style as Often as You Like

With clip in extensions, with this astonishing hair, you can wave goodbye to bad hair-day problems. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus and Kate Beckinsale are continuously presenting their fans with totally new-look hairstyles and lengths - changing color and style regularly. Their ever-changing looks are because of the magic of hair extensions. With the right extensions, celebs as well as yourself can have hair that looks real. Most of Hollywood's celebrities use 100% human hair so that it matches precisely - the color, texture and density.

If your current hair color is slightly different to the hair extensions in the beauty salon, the experienced therapists will colour match the extensions to match your hair's current color.  Don't for one minute think that hair extensions are just a Hollywood thing. Girls and woman the world over are being bowled over by what hair extensions can do for their looks and for their psyche.

If you have always wanted long, sexy hair and you don't have the patience to wait for years of growth to achieve that, with hair extensions you can have the length you want. Celebrities like Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn are willing to pay a lot to get the best quality hair. But that doesn't mean ordinary women can't benefit from hair extensions. There are less expensive alternatives. 

There are Less Pricey Alternatives

At Vida Emanuel, when you book your consultation, they will advise you on their hair extension process prices so that you know precisely where you stand.  The cost of hair extensions varies, and it will rely on the type and length of the extensions and the method of application.

People like to use a reputable beauty- and hair salon like Vida Emanuel because they are trustworthy. Many have tried online hair extension companies and discovered that what is called 'human hair' is in fact a mix of animal- and  synthetic hair. After just a week or two of wear, the hair extensions are falling apart, whereas real human hair can last a long time.

High quality human hair is expensive true, but it lasts, so always be sure to get your human hair extension from a reputable beauty spa that sources their hair ethically. There is quite a bit to know about human hair extensions, but the Vida Emanuel team are experts and can answer every question you have.

Price Guides


Just as a guide, for a partial head of hair extensions, you're looking at anything between $400 to $800. High-quality human hair can cost from about $250 to as much as $2,500 for a full head, bearing in mind that synthetic hair will cost far less. Synthetic hair is a much lower quality fake hair.

Human hair is the best quality you can invest your money in and comes as highly recommended. High quality remy human hair with the cuticle intact is best and the price for this will range from around a few hundred dollars to much more.  Non-Remy hair is cheaper, but then it isn't going to last half as long. Pure remy hair will last up to a year. Virgin hair is the highest grade of hair available and it is capable of lasting for as long as 2 or 3 years if you maintain it properly. 

Some facts about Hair Extensions

●hair extensions don't only add length, you benefit with volume too. So if you have fine, thinning hair, you can now have a head of strong, vibrant hair.
●you don't have to go with one color - you can also add in highlights and choose any shades you wish
●hair extensions aren't painful
●the Vida Emanuel team don't beat around the bush with the prices of their hair extensions. The truth is the extensions are expensive, depending on how many you want as well as the grade of hair.

Change your Hairstyle as Often as you Like


Todays hairstyles demand hair that is healthy, bouncy, shiny and with body. With Vida Emanuel European Day Spayou get hair extension consultations to advise you on the best type of extensions for your specific natural hair. Their hair extensions simply allow you to create your own hairstyle and change it as often as you like. For women who want natural looking hairstyles, hair extensions simply give you the freedom to manage your hair and looks exactly as you want.