Beverly Hills Pedicure Treatments by Vida Emanuel Day Spa

January 15, 2018 @ 8:25 AM

Beauty Care Right Down to your Toes

Anyone who is concerned about good grooming and beauty will want to attend to their feet. Feet can't just take care of themselves and are prone to rough, dry, hard and split skin. Hygienic foot grooming is essential to beauty care, especially when you consider all that the feet have to contend with each and every day as we walk and jog around.

Vida Emanuel European Day Spa invites you to come in and try their excellent grooming treatments for your tired, hot feet. Their excellent range of foot care products and services contribute to preventing corns and calluses, hard skin and aching feet. As you lie back and relax, trained therapists rub your soles with a hard skin stone and then smooth ...

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