Beverly Hills Pedicure Treatments by Vida Emanuel Day Spa

Beauty Care Right Down to your Toes

Anyone who is concerned about good grooming and beauty will want to attend to their feet. Feet can't just take care of themselves and are prone to rough, dry, hard and split skin. Hygienic foot grooming is essential to beauty care, especially when you consider all that the feet have to contend with each and every day as we walk and jog around.

Vida Emanuel European Day Spa invites you to come in and try their excellent grooming treatments for your tired, hot feet. Their excellent range of foot care products and services contribute to preventing corns and calluses, hard skin and aching feet. As you lie back and relax, trained therapists rub your soles with a hard skin stone and then smooth fragrant moisturizers on to cool hot weary feet.

Select the Best Beauty Treatments

At Vida Spa in Beverly Hills your feet are in expert hands. Their red carpet, 24-karat Gold foot facial which lasts for a full blissful 90 minutes is a celebrity favorite and with good reason. Enjoy soothing music, nibble on strawberries and sip on champagne as you get your feet thoroughly attended to.

You can take your pick from their Signature Diamond-, Platinum-, Premium- or  Beverly Hills Pedicure, but its the 24 karat gold red carpet foot facial pedicure which is the biggest draw-card.

Relax as your feet are soaked in a luxurious essential oil soak complete with healing turquoise stones and then take a look at what else you get with this most awesome foot 'facial' -

●only Kagen acid-balanced water is used - this is to disinfect the feet
●micro-dermabrasion gets rid of dull, dead skin cells
●the Clarisonic System buffs, cleans and exfoliates the bottom of the feet - improves circulation, decreases inflammation and makes feet smooth
●a pedicure is next, trimming and buffing nails and cuticles. A Sea Marine scrub- and IceDancer menthol gel complete with a warm towel wrap relieves tired, hot feet.
●a marine mud mask is placed over the gel and the feet are then rinsed
●tropical rain-forest ethnobotanicals are massaged into the feet, after which an organic Baobab moisturizing body butter is massaged to the feet and up to the knees
●the 24-Karat GOLD deep moisturizing serum is luxuriously massaged into the feet
●a dazzling formaldehyde-free polish brings a shimmering look to your feet

Reverence for All-Over Beauty from Top to Bottom

Beauty treatments embrace good health and hygiene as well as caring for beauty beyond the boundaries of skin on the face and includes beauty aids which improve the look and condition of your hair and face right down to the tips of your toes. Vida Emanuel Day Spa have set out to help everyone select the best products and treatments that are the best and most pleasurable.