Beverly Hills Day Spa | Waxing Treatments

November 9, 2018 @ 10:11 PM

All Natural Waxing and a Sun-Kissed Glow at the Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge and Vida Emanuel Day Spa

Summer is here and with the temperature rising and beautiful days ahead, men and women are hoping to look their best when they show off their swimsuits at the beach or pool. The experts at the Vida Emanuel Day Spa and the Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge are happy to offer the best treatments and services to help men and women look their best.

Many men and women find themselves hoping to get the bronze summer glow without the health risks of a tanning bed or sitting in the sun for too long, luckily Vida Emanuel and Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge offer full body spray tans. Previous methods of getting a body tan have now been shown to cause harmful...

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