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Waxing an Integral Part of your Grooming Hotlist


Waxing is no longer just for those who want to give their legs a special experience. Today a person is defined by their attitude to grooming, and waxing is as important as brushing your teeth and washing your hair. Waxing has become part of your maintenance program towards looking good, and the best day spas offer waxing as part of their beauty services. Their waxing therapists attend to the removal of hair, ensuring that every client looks smooth in the areas they count as important. Today, waxing can be applied to all areas of the body, from your eyebrows down to your toes.

Men are Wising Up to Waxing


Even though it is mostly women heading to the salon for a waxing session, many men are insisting on getting rid of unwanted body hair as well. In fact it isn't just hair removal that is bringing the guys to the salon. It has been researched and found that spa bookings for men are significantly up as they are treating themselves to other spa treatments as well such as facials and massages.


Waxing is a simple and effective way to achieve smooth, hair-free skin for a number of weeks. Male brow waxing has become sought after too and it is best done by a professional so that the brows are in keeping with the contours of your face. Waxing sessions for the eyebrows can be combined with light tweezing to achieve the perfect brow shape.

Many cyclists, boxers, bodybuilders and professional athletes who don't like the hair on their legs, arms and chest undergo a waxing session at a local spa to get rid of unwanted body hair quickly and efficiently. Certainly the demand for male waxing has risen since it was discovered that hunks such as David Beckham have impeccable grooming habits, of which waxing forms a part.

There are Additional Benefits with a Visit to the Spa


Waxing is popular with men and women, and Vida Emanuel Beauty Spa has highly-trained beauty therapists who perform all of the most popular treatments. After just one visit, you'll be hooked and become a regular. The wonderful treatments are not the only drawcard - it is therapeutic just to escape from the world for a few hours of peace, tranquility and pampering.  Vida Emanuel makes use of depilatory wax rather than pre-waxed strips because this method offers less pain and far more effective results.

Depilatory wax is becoming far more popular simply because it is seen as a more reliable method to remove body hair. Gentler on the skin skin, it eliminates hair so that it reflects your personal taste in grooming that is a concern for fashion-conscious people in the 21st century.

Just some of the waxing prices currently at Vida Emanuel:

▪Eyebrows $35

▪Upper Lip $15
▪Traditional Bikini $35
▪Full Bikini $75
▪Full Leg $75
▪Full Arms $40
▪Chest $50
▪Back $50
▪Underarms $20

The Process of Applying Hot Wax

Depilatory wax is used hot and melted, which is then applied to the skin using a cloth or paper strip. The wax then cools, and the cloth or paper strip are then pulled off the skin super quickly. The beauty about using depilatory wax is that it lasts so much longer than shaving or using those over the count hair removal lotions. In fact this wax can keep your body smooth and silky for as long as 6 weeks.

Waxing has become increasingly popular in recent years and is is commonly chosen to wax the underarms, legs, bikini area and eyebrows. Don't be put off by the use of the words 'hot wax' as though it is something you won't be able to tolerate.  It is called hot wax because the wax is heated to a higher temperature than strip wax. The wax is then applied thickly, trapping all those hairs that even grow in different directions that make shaving so difficult. Many clients comment that for all areas the waxing is a lot less painful than using strip wax.

Safety and Wellbeing Top Priorities


At Vida Emanuel, if the client is having their first depilatory wax treatment, a preliminary consultation first takes place, based on a visual examination and information that the client offers. The Vida Emanuel team never just plunge into any treatments with new customers.

If there is any doubt about the waxing procedure for new customers, the therapists first do a patch test, cleaning and drying an area on the skin and then applying some of the heated wax to the area. The therapist then removes the wax in the same way they would with the wax treatment, taking note of the reaction of the skin. If there is a reaction, they advise the client that they cannot proceed with the treatment.

Preparing the Client:

●the therapist examines the skin and the hairs
●if treating the face, hair on the head is covered with a towel
●the Vida Emanuel team make sure the client is comfortable and that the area to be treated is well supported.
●the therapist washes their hands with an antiseptic cleanser
●the clients skin is prepared by wiping over the skin with a pre-wax cleanser like surgical spirits
●longer hair may be trimmed so as to reduce any discomfort for the customer
●the client is kept informed of the process
●when the waxing treatment is complete, the therapist assesses the results and checks the condition of the skin while also checking for any remaining hairs
●the therapist wipes over the skin with an antiseptic after-wax cleaner and then applies a soothing lotion to cool the skin
●the therapist advises on an after-wax care program
●the therapist fills in the client record card for future reference

Get Set for the Beach

With the holidays just around the corner you want to be sure you're Summer-body ready. Make sure your legs, underarms and bikini area are totally smooth and hair-free by using methods offered by Vida Emanuel that work well for you.

Waxing is a safe and reliable way of removing body hair, and today waxing is becoming part of most people's grooming routine because it simply makes you feel smooth and clean. Waxing removes unwanted hair from the roots whereas shaving can leave you with stubble even before the weekend is over.

Vida Emanuel is the founder and owner of Vida Emanuel European Day Spa as well as the Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge. As a certified cosmetologist, aesthetician and esthetician, the veteran beauty icon works hand in hand with other medical professionals. Together they ensure that the Day Spa helps clients reach their best personal selves. The wonderful tranquil setting combined with the latest anti-aging, face and body treatments has ensured the Vida Emanuel European Day Spa is renowned for making you look and feel your best, and the rewards are the supreme pleasure each treatment brings.