The Best Ways to De-Stress

In today’s non-stop world, Vida Emanuel, owner of two Beverly Hills Day Spas, has several tips to help you relax and de-stress.  Stress is the body’s natural response to demands.  These demands can be more primal, such as making sure you eat consistently, or more psychological, such as trying to meet important work deadlines.  While stress tends to get a bad rap, not all stress is bad.  Low levels of stress provide the little adrenal push that gets you excited and energized to perform tasks.  Without any stress, it is easy to become complacent and lazy which results in boredom and dissatisfaction.  Most people, however, are more often stuck on the other end of the spectrum – too stressed.  In an overstressed situation, stress takes a toll both mentally and physically. Burning out and mental breakdowns are often triggered by too much stress.  Many physical ailments are exacerbated by high levels of stress.  Below are a few tips to help you de-stress:

Take a Break.  This may sound like overly obvious advice, but many people convince themselves they do not have time for any breaks.  While skipping breaks might seem like the only way to keep up with everything, it can actually slow you down.  Without adequate breaks, the brain becomes over taxed and works less efficiently and less effectively.  Taking even five minutes to get up, walk around, grab a snack or a drink can help to reset your system so you are ready again for more work.

Make Healthy Food Choices.  There is a reason a whole section of food has been named “comfort food.”  Due to evolutionary factors, our bodies naturally crave high-fat, high-sodium, high-sugar foods.  Eating them provides immediate comfort and satisfaction.  Unfortunately, most foods under that category are low in essential vitamins and nutrients.  Treating yourself can be a nice, immediate boost to your mood, but you should try to eat as healthy as possible when under a lot of stress.  Supplying your body with proper nutrients will make it less susceptible to the harmful effects of stress and will actually help to reduce stress.  Your brain needs nutrients to maintain a positive mindset.  Stress causes the body to go through nutrients more quickly and therefore you need to consume nutrient-rich foods more often to replenish the body so the brain can be kept healthy and happy.

To promote skin health, there are 6 essential foods:

  1. Spinach or Kale – These dark, leafy vegetables are undeniable super foods. They contain tons of vitamins and minerals and can be eaten in salads, on sandwiches, put into smoothies, and more.

  2. Blueberries – Full of free radical-fighting antioxidants, blueberries are great for keeping the skin youthful. According to the Depart of Health, blueberries have the highest percentage of antioxidants.  Plus, they are easy to incorporate into your diet by adding them to salads, yogurt, and even desserts!

  3. Sweet Potatoes and Carrots – These pair of orange vegetables both offer a huge helping of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene not only helps eye health, but has anti-aging benefits.

  4. Wild Salmon – Wild salmon is packed with omega 3 fatty acids which helps prevent skin from drying out. It also contains high amounts of selenium which helps to protect against sun damage.  Enjoy salmon in light, fresh summer meals to keep your skin moisturized and protected during long, hot summer days.

  5. Oysters – This particular shellfish contains a huge helping of zinc. Zinc is essential for hair and nail health.   Zinc might also be key in protecting against depression, making oysters great for your body and your mind!

  6. Tomatoes—Tomatoes also contain antioxidants, lycopene in particular. Lycopene is unique because it is better absorbed by the body when it has been cooked, making, in this one instance, pizza a health food.

Move Your Body.  Everyone these days knows that exercise has tons of health benefits.  However traditional exercise can be time-consuming, and for a lot of people becomes just one more thing to procrastinate.  To quickly de-stress, exercise can be one of the best fixes.  Fortunately, exercise can be a huge list of things.  Numerous studies have shown that sitting at a desk for long periods of times negatively affects the body.  Getting up, stretching, jogging in place, taking a lap around the office are all super quick ways to get a bit of exercise in during long projects.  Even just 5 minutes of movement helps improve blood flow to the body, clear the mind, and ease the effects of prolonged sitting.  Additionally the more movement you can work into your day, the better.  This can be taking the stairs rather than the elevator, walking to work, dancing, jumping, cartwheeling, kickboxing, yoga, calisthenics, running, climbing trees, playing with your dog, biking, skipping, weight training, martial arts, pilates, gardening, window shopping, hiking, literally anything that gets you up and moving.  The more you enjoy the physical activity, the more you will stick with it and the more benefits it will give you.

Make Time to Socialize.  Human beings are social creatures.  Everyone gains comfort from interacting with people they like.  Even introverted people need consistent human contact to keep a healthy frame of mind.  When we become very busy, it is hard to schedule time for our friends and family; however, this is one of the best ways to relax.  Talking about your stresses can be beneficial, but even just talking and having a period of time where you do not have to think about work can help greatly reduce your stress.  To make sure you do not overbook yourself and stress more from feeling like you are taking too much time away from working, try and make plans where you can work and socialize at the same time or do an activity with a definitive duration so it will be easier to leave when you need to.  Skyping your friends or family while doing house chores, or doing your work with a fellow coworker can help make your work more enjoyable and feel more manageable.

Put Your Relaxation in the Hands of Professionals.  One of the best ways to relax is to go to a spa.  Aestheticians are specially trained to take care of you, as well as make you feel comfortable.  Spas offer a number of treatments such as deep tissues massages, facials, and body treatments.  When you go to a spa, it is their job to make your relaxed.  When you have lists of things you have to manage and control, it can be a major relief to let someone else be in charge for a while.  Vida Emanuel’s Beverly Hills Day Spas are specially designed to give you a royal treatment so you leave feeling your best.