Permanent Make Up | Part II

Don't be Defeated by Your 'Looks' Problems


You can go into any beauty spa and they will tell you that many women and some men of all ages, from 18 - 80 come for permanent make-up treatments because they don't want to be defeated by the particular problem they have. The beauty about the Vida Emanuel European Day Spa is people trust it. It has been around for decades and is a sought-after  multi-service beauty spa, offering customers a tranquil, soothing and relaxing environment.

A Haven of Privacy and Tranquility for the Elite

Taking charge of your looks and revitalizing them just happens to be wonderfully rejuvenating and therapeutic for the mind and spirit as well.  The Vida Emanuel European Day Spa simply helps clients reach their best personal selves from staff who offer a warm and welcoming ambiance. No wonder the spa is a haven for the elite of Hollywood who relish the discretion, the privacy and confidentiality from the private concierge services. With more than 50 services  available on site at the spa, it is regarded as the place-to-be where you can benefit from products and treatments which have been thoroughly researched for their effectiveness and safety.

Vida Emanuel offers a host of anti-aging treatments, hair extensions, pedicures, manicures, threading, waxing, eye lash extensions, make-up as well as permanent make up services, keeping up to date with the latest product lines and treatments. Some of their permanent cosmetic options include eye- and lip lining, lip coloring and eye-brows coloring. An typical age related problem is the losing of the eye-brow hairs, and by coloring the eyebrows, the face gets some expression back.  What a pleasure never having to apply eyebrow coloring or eye- and lip liner again. People with all kinds of health issues can save themselves frustration and time by not having to be continuously applying make-up.

Safety and Hygiene Important Factors

You want to be sure you choose a 100% safe environment for permanent make-up, and Vida Emanuel conforms to all the sterilization and disinfection guidelines so that their  permanent cosmetic procedures are completely safe. Their cosmetic professionals have all attended Occupational Safety and Health Administration classes to guarantee safety principals. All their needles are new and sterile for each client and all their personal protection equipment such as gloves and aprons are new for each client and changed during the procedure if necessary.

Vida Emanuelis founder and owner of Vida Emanuel European Day Spa and Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge in Beverly Hills, California. She is a licensed and certified cosmetologist, aesthetician and esthetician and does everything in such a way as to simply offer clients a safe, hygienic, tranquil and relaxing environment. It is a place where clients can emerge from the cool interiors after their treatment looking lively and vibrant and having had their looks bolstered by the sheer magic of permanent make-up.