Dr. Joel Aronowitz is Chief of Staff, Division Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, in Los Angeles, California and is the medical director of Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge and its sister neighboring Vida Emanuel European Day Spa in Beverly Hills. 
Dr. Aronowitz is a prominent Los Angeles plastic surgeon with a reputation built over 25 years for compassionate patient care, refined surgical skill and a passion to improve lives through leading edge plastic surgery. 
He serves on Board of Directors of the American Society of Breast Disease, Faculty for the ASBD School of Oncoplastic surgery, expert for the California Board of Medical Quality Assurance and is Assistant Clinical Professor at USC Keck School of Medicine. He holds memberships in the leading professional societies, such as the ASPS, AAPS, and Soc Bariatric PS, LASPS.
Aronowitz is a leader in his field with a scope of practice that encompasses most areas of cosmetic and resoncstructive plastic surgery with an emphasis on use of the body’s own natural adipose or fat tissues for regrowth and regeneration of body tissue damage from surgery, radiation and age, with less need for invasive muscle flap surgery and foreign implants.
He founded the University Stem Cell Center in 2009 to conduct IRB reviwed clinical adipose stem cell research not widely available yet for American patients. Those highly publicized studies use a patients own fat stores for breast enlargement and breast regrowth after breast cancr surgery and radiation treatment. He also founded the Breast Prevention Foundation (BPF), a non-profit 501c. The BPF works to promote innovative alternatives to disfiguring breast cancer surgery, such as nipple sparing mastectomy. Charitable funds are used to help advocacy groups educate women about these options and teach Onco-plastic operations to cancer surgeons in America and internationally. 
Many notables and celebrities count of Dr. Aronowitz as their plastic surgeon and he is frequently the preferred doctor of choice for their own families based on his reputation for natural results and skill in handling the most difficult problems. 
Travelling widely to speak on advances in Cell Based Surgery Therapies, Oncoplastic Surgery where he presents his latest clinical research findings, Aronowitz is recognized in numerous media appearances and in print as an expert spoksperson on issues related to emerging cellular therpaies, breast surgeries, implant surgeries, stem cell research and cosmetic and oncoplastic surgery.
Dr. Aronowitz has just released the new scientific breakthrough serum VOUCELLE STEM CELL ACTIVATION SERUM that restores the skin’s natural-born ability to rengerate cells. Years of collaborative work between pioneering Beverly Hills reconstructive surgeon and stem cell expert and a renowned Japanese scientist results in this revolutionary development in science and game changer for skincare, VOUCELLE is now available for home use purchase and as part of  the newest anti-aging treatment at Vida Emanuel European Day Spa and Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge - the Stem Cell Oxygen Infused Facial which utilizes the serum to penetrate the skin deeply.