Dr. Zarrabi

Dr. Manoochehr Zarrabi, MD
Dr. Zarrabi is a board certified physician who has been in practice for over 30 years. He was one of the first physicians to bring laser hair removal to Los Angeles when he established LA Laser. 
In 1995, he opened the East Branch of LA Laser in the city of Bell. Even today, most medical spas and cosmetics clinics are located on the west side of Los Angeles. Dr. Zarrabi saw a need to fill on the east side of the city and jumped at the opportunity to be of service to the local community.  
The services offered at the East Branch of LA Laser are identical to the services offered at his Beverly Hills office, but at a significantly lower price. 
For the past 20 years LA Laser has brought the latest treatments in cosmetic and skin care to the patients of Dr. Zarrabi’s clinics. 
The longevity in this endeavor is a testimonial to our dedication to our patient's well-being and satisfaction.