(Previously known as Permanent Makeup)


Microblading is an art that gives the luxury of never having to apply eyeliner, lip-liner, or brow-liner again. It tattooed brows and eyeliner on eyelids have realistic and long-lasting results. Thin lips are filled with permanent lip-liners taking away the continuous reapplication process.

The application of microblading has been greatly improved in recent years. People with thin or no eyebrows or eyelashes, due to old age, chemotherapy, genetic imbalances, alopecia, or other issues often find themselves wishing to save both time and money from having to apply and reapply eye-liner and brow-liner every single day before leaving the house..

We offer several forms of microblading, listed below. All  materials are sterile, disposable and the procedure is painless thanks to recent advances in the art. Vida herself is a seasoned veteran in application.

Eyebrows $1000 & up

Eyeliner $500 & up

Upper Eyeliner $500 & up

Lower Eyeliner $500 & up

Upper Eyelid & Lower Eyelid $800 & up

Lip Liner $1000

Lip Liner & Blending $1500