Botox: More Than Just An Anti-Aging Treatment

Mar 1, 2018
Perhaps it is due to the fact that we have a somewhat less than ideal economy, or perhaps the idea of a full facelift has slowly lost ground to the alure of simpler treatments that can offer the same aesthetic effects. It also can’t hurt that popular celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and Kim Kardashian admit to occasional or even regular Botox injections to keep their faces and profiles looking picture perfect for hoards of unannounced Beverly Hills paparazzi. But for whatever reason, Botox continues to reign among cosmetic facial treatments.

Research shows that today Botox is among the most popular forms of cosmetic treatments. Some experts have suggested that the declining economy has actually introduced Botox to a larger audience. While the cost of face lifts, brow lifts, and other facial cosmetic surgeries may be less advisable when individuals of every economic group are seeing smaller paychecks, Botox and other injectables, with a much more reasonable price tag, have begin to step in as a suitable substitute for expensive alternatives.

In areas like Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, the use of Botox has actually increased substantially in spite of any economic downturn. While there used to be a degree of uncertainty surrounding Botox usage, the product has been refined and perfected and is continually being approved for a number of additional applications in countries around the world. Botox was recently cleared for a number of new uses, such as in the treatment and prevention of migraines.

But while though Botox is used in a number of new ways such as treatment of muscle spasms and neurogenic bladder conditions its most popular use by far is as an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cosmetic injectable. This is indeed the avenue through which most Beverly Hills providers offer Botox, and the most popular use of Botox across North America. Hopefully in the future we will see Botox and similar products used in new ways that offer improvements in health, but for now the widespread use of Botox as a cosmetic product ensures that it will remain available for those who need help fighting the signs of aging as well as to researchers looking to use Botox in the treatment in a variety of interesting and life altering new ways.

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