$1,450/5 sessions

$2,750/10 sessions

$50 add on Pressotherapy


No other treatment can give this immediate and visible result. One  to two inches off after the first session. This treatment combines the use of ultrasound, vacuodermie and pressotherapy.


What is Ultrasonic Lipolysis:

Ultrasonic Lipolysis means “breakdown of fat by ultrasound waves.” It is a new concept combining ultrasound (the micro vibrations shake the fat cells and spread them, the heat liquefies them), lymphatic drainage and vacuomobilization, allowing the patient to see immediate results in fat reduction.

How Ultrasound works:

Ultrasound permeates into deep tissues, radiating micro vibrations and heat. Besides stimulating cells and sparking re-growth as well as accelerating recovery effect, ultrasound is now used in treatment against cellulite.

The Treatment:

The treatment begins with measurements taken of the areas to be worked on. Then, a lymphatic drainage is done in order to open the main channels, followed by the application of ultrasounds on the problem area and Vacuomobilization (use of suction cups). Then again, measurements of the treated areas are taken. The difference between “before” and “after” measurement goes from 1 to 3 cm after each treatment. A minimum of 10 sessions is usually recommended. Depending on the extent of patient’s problem, more sessions might be needed.

Gift certificates and group rates available