$850/5 sessions

$1,500/10 sessions

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Vacuodermie is used for a wide range of purposes involving connective tissue, the dermis, muscles, and tendons.  Vacuodermie is helpful in reducing the appearance of cellulite and scars as it increases circulation at the skin’s surface and pushes away toxins and water retention, giving the surface a more supple and radiant appearance.  Applied to the face, vacuodermie reduces puffiness created by water retention and improves wrinkled areas by firming and toning the skin’s surface.

Vacuodermie works just below the dermis, close to the skin’s surface, using a combination of static and sliding techniques with suction cups applied to the skin. This helps stimulate natural body functions and activate micro-circulation enabling elimination of organic waste, promoting oxygenation and cell metabolism, as well as liberation and softening of connective tissue and stimulation of elastic fibers for immediate firming and tightening.

Vacuodermie is known to be an alternative to liposuction. Vacuodermie is also used in rheumatology, traumatology, phlebology, plastic and reconstructive surgery and athletic physical therapy.